The Great Goose Roundup

On June 26, 2015 the USDA Wildlife Management Division rounded up 75 geese on the lake and relocated them far far away in Gibson County.  They were not harmed. It was done in June because at that time of year they loose some of their feathers and cannot fly, making them easier to round up.  They are banded so the USDA can keep track of them.  The return rate is very low.

We will always have some waterfowl living at our lake, but in the past few years our geese population has increased to the point where it posed health hazards. The dam and fishing pier and many people's docks and yards have had serious goose poop problems.  Now our geese can live happily ever after, far away from us.

Update!  We tried again in 2016 but the geese had already grown their flying feathers.  And again in 2017 but most of the geese ran up into people's yards and couldn't be herded. We were told our geese don't behave like normal geese!!