Forms and Documents


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Keith Collins Welcome Letter

Walnut Grove Lake Covenants & Bylaws

2014 Lake Assessment Report

2015 Lake Mapping Survey

Tree Trimming Resolution

Lake Rules

Construction Approval Form

All outside construction MUST be approved first by WGLHA Board.  Everyone should have a copy of our covenants. If you don't have a copy you can download it from this page or call our phone number and we will get you a copy.  Article 6, Section 1, Paragraph (q) states, "All plans and specifications for new or future construction of every type, including buildings, piers, seawalls, fences, driveways, and walls, shall be submitted in writing to the Association or its authorized representative for its approval before construction begins."  You can also download a copy of our Construction Approval Form above.

Railroad ties or other toxic materials will not be allowed to be used in Walnut Grove Lake at all, for anything. Even for replacement of any rotten railroad ties in a seawall.  A TDEC permit should accompany any application to the WGLHA Board if you are planning to build or replace a dock, ramp or sea wall.  Contact Lew Hoffman for TDEC information at