As president of the Walnut Grove Lake Homeowners Association, I’d like to welcome you to our neighborhood. I look forward to meeting you and to having you as an active member of our Homeowners Association. There are several committees that give you volunteer opportunities.

An annual Homeowners Association meeting is held in early March to conduct business and elect the board of directors.  You will be contacted with the time and location via the neighborhood newsletter.  If you are unable to attend, you can vote via proxy. Information will be sent to you prior to the meeting.

Please feel free to contact me or any of our board members if you have questions or suggestions as to how we can make our great neighborhood even better.

- Victor Charles



WGL subdivision boasts four parks and a 42-acre private lake for the enjoyment of the subdivision’s residents.  The manmade lake was constructed in 1964 when the subdivision was developed.  Ducks, geese, blue herons and other waterfowl frequent its waters.  Fishermen and women enjoy matching wits with the lake’s many crappie, bass, catfish and bream.

Located near the dam with entry off of Bergen Drive on the east side of the lake is Farrell Park.  It was named in 1999 in memory of Jim Farrell, an enthusiastic and very active resident of Walnut Grove Lake subdivision.  The park features playground equipment, picnic areas and a concrete boat ramp.

Simpson Park is located on Viking Drive on the west side of the lake.  This park was named for Elmer and Wendy Simpson, the first “settlers” in our subdivision.  The park has a fishing pier, boat storage and launching area, playground equipment and a picnic area.  A third small park is located to the northeast of Simpson Park on Viking Dr.

A fishing pier is located off of the dam.  A boat storage area is also located at the dam.  Boats stored on the dam or in Simpson Park must be registered with the Lake Committee and have the lot number posted on them.

Parks open at sunrise and close at dusk.  The parks and the lake are for the exclusive use of WGL homeowners and are not open to the public.

In March, 2006, Walnut Grove LTD, the partnership that developed a large parcel of land including WGL, gave us 20.67 acres located under the power lines on the west side.  This land was named Lovitt Field after Lloyd Lovitt, one of the developers of our subdivision. 


WGLHA has enviably low Association dues, currently $290 plus $200 for the 2019-2020 year.   Invoices are sent out in April and are due June 1.  Dues cover the period from May 1 thru April 30 each year. 

There’s a lot involved in keeping our neighborhood beautiful and a fun place to live. The following are some of the budget items that are covered by your dues: repairs and maintenance to parks and public areas including mowing, tree removal and repair to docks, playgrounds and park equipment; newsletter and directory; insurance and government fees related to dam certification and safety; bookkeeping; legal and tax preparation fees; electricity for the public areas; and charges for the Association phone, web site, and Keith Collins Management Company fees.

That doesn’t include improvements that are made from time to time such as docks, a light on the dam, new playground equipment and boat storage racks.

The Association has significant savings in the event of problems with the dam or other public areas.  However, assessments of homeowners could be required in the future if some unanticipated expenses arose for which the Association does not have adequate funds set aside such as Lake Dredging.


One of the highlights of the year for WGL residents is the annual fireworks display at the dam celebrating the Fourth of July.  The display is usually held during a weekend close to the Fourth at a time that does not conflict with other major fireworks displays.  The fireworks are professionally done and quite a sight! The spectacular is not paid for out of your Homeowners Association dues.  For that reason, the Association asks for contributions from our neighbors to support this special event.  Additional events for the Independence Day celebration include a mailbox decorating contest, a boat parade, and a fishing rodeo. 

The Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic is another fun annual event.  You’ll receive information on the date and how to participate in the WGLHA newsletter. 

Interested in volunteering not only to make your neighborhood a better place to live but to get to know your neighbors better?  Contact Keith Collins Company to get information on the how to join and opportunities for you. 



Covenants of WGLHA require all property owners to submit all construction plans to the board for approval before construction begins, whether doing it yourself or by a contractor.  This is to help protect our property values by ensuring that all construction fits in with the general appearance of our area, is not in violation of any covenants, is not objectionable to neighbors, and will be completed in a timely manner.  You may notice some construction that does not appear to be in keeping with the covenants.  In these instances, the building probably took place prior to the establishment of the covenants and was “grandfathered” in.