Christmas Lights 2013

And (drumroll please) the winners are:


Best All Around Christmas

First Place (streetside and lakeside)  Jim and Pam Fleming, 99 Viking Cove

Second Place  Carol and William Huddock, 163 Ericson Road


First Place - Patricia Lampkins and Hope Lloyd 8396 Trondheim

Second Place and Honorable Mention - a tie between neighbors who tried to outdo each other - great job!

Kay and Tom Norrod, 8479 Bazemore Road and

Brenda and Jim Corrigan, 8485 Bazemore Road

Most Elegant

First Place - Laura and William Plunk, 24 Viking Drive

Second Place - Carolyn and Lee Danley, 8493 Karlstad Cove

Best Use of Natural Landscape

 First Place - Courtney & Jeffrey Flynn and Sandra, Philip and Robert Crews and Samantha Grace, almost 2 years old, and little Zach - 8361 Bazemore Road

Second Place - Romy and Louie Schaaf, 8493 Bergen Cove

Honorable Mention - Christine and Floye Rowe,  38 Viking Drive


First Place - Dottie & Thara Burana, 100 Viking Cove

Second Place - Barbara and Steve Arnold, 8400 Bergen Drive

Honorable Mention - Margie and Sid McMillan, 8428 Arendal Cove

Honorable Mention - Vickie and Bob Ranson, 165 Leif Cove 

This year we had 142 decorated homes from streetside to lakeside. To everyone who participated, we thank you!  Take time to drive around and see all the great holiday displays in the neighborhood!

Also a special thanks to Sandra and Sonny Hale for assisting with lakeside judging as well as transporting us around the lake on their boat, and to my father, Vincent Ledbetter, for assisting me with the streetside judging.

Happy Holidays to All!!!  Berry Ledbetter

Lake Side Lights: