Fourth of July 2009

Boat Parade

Most Spirit - The Wynn Family and Friends

Best Pontoon - The McMillan Family and Friends 

Best Self Propelled - Gayle Hudgens

Best Fishing Boat - Cindy Conner's Boat

Best Music - Jane Hunolt and Friends

Best Bribe -  Tom and Lisa Felts and Friends

Honorable Mention - The Sutton Family and Friends

Boat Parade Judges

Fishing Rodeo

Largest Stripe - Mike Koren

Largest Catfish - Brock Ondo

Largest Bass - Bill Streger

Most Bream - Boy - Bo Ecklund

Most Bream - Girl - Sara Krejci

B&M Fishing Tackle Winner - Derron Bradley

Guided Fishing Trip with Ron Wong Winner - Bryce Streger

Mailbox Decorating Contest

1st Place - The Bradley Family - Larry, Anne, Devin, Nia, Derron, Sterling and Diamond

2nd Place - Sandra Crews and Courtney Flynn

3rd Place - The Sutton Family

Honorable Mention -  Sondra Wright