Lake Rules


Mark your boats: If you plan to use a boat on the lake it must be properly marked with WGL+Lot# (example: WGL123) on both sides of the boat. Letters and numbers are readily available at most hardware stores.

Motors: Trolling motors only. No gas motor can be on the boat, even in the upright position.


As of 2017, Lake ID cards are no longer required.  Instead, be ready to tell your address to our security guard or other officer.

Auto Stickers: We request that you place a Walnut Grove Lake auto sticker in the back window of your vehicle. This makes it easier for us to determine who belongs in our parks and who doesn't.


Fish Limit:

Bass - the "slot" limit is 14 to 18 inches. Fishermen may keep up to five bass per day provided that they are LESS than 14 inches long. A person may keep ONE bass per day over 18 inches. Bass in the "slot", that is 14 to 18 inches inclusively, MUST be released immediately. The "slot" bass are breeding size/age and we do not want them removed from the lake.

Bream and Crappie - We encourage everyone to keep ALL of the bream or crappie that they catch regardless of size. We are overstocked with both. Removing excess bream and crappie from the lake for the past several years has helped the size of both species to improve greatly.

Contact the Lake Committee for more information.


Keep in mind that all water in our neighborhood drains into the lake. Don't put yard waste in storm drains or use heavy pesticides or fertilizers. Make sure your vehicles are not leaking fluids.